Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iron Rattler and GateKeeper Progress

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
The gifts just keep on coming!  Though the main event of the season is now over, there's still plenty of new-coaster updates to keep us hanging on, right?

Above is one of several panoramic photos that Six Flags Fiesta Texas shared just before the holiday.  It is of the section of track that runs on the top of the cliff midway through the ride's course.  You can see some of the extreme banking that is used as the train turns on its side, then rights itself, only to do it again!  And that little bunny hill at the end looks like it could be pretty wicked.

The park has the ride's new track on the top of the lift hill and start of the drop, but the area after that is still underway.  This one just gets better and better with each update!

© Cedar Point
Even with plenty of snow and the holiday, things haven't totally slowed on the progress of Cedar Point's GateKeeper, either.  Pointbuzz is featuring some new shots of the ride's recently added air-time hill, which is half completed.  The element will be directly after the inversion seen above, and many are hoping that it might give a more than usual amount of air on a B&M.

The new photos also show the massive footers going in for the keyhole elements that will stand directly over the park's entrance.  That's going to be one impressive front gate when all is said and done.