Monday, December 3, 2012

Scott And Carol Present - A Peek At The New Fantasyland Part 1

We took a few moments from IAAPA to visit the Magic Kingdom, and low and behold, magically the Dress Rehearsal of  the New Fantasyland was open. 

Beyond the impressive entrance, four new experiences awaited us. Here is just the first.

You can't miss with the beautiful artwork demonstrating Imagineering's lavish attention to detail  of Ariel's Under the Sea attraction.


This is a view of the loading platform,  it shows off the attractive ride vehicles and some of the wonderful artwork and this is only the beginning.

The bubbles rise all around you as you dive "Under the Sea" to start your journey.

Many of the scenes from the movie are brought to life for young and old to enjoy.

While we didn't have any little ones with us, we could hear the youngsters on the clam shell behind us shouting hi to Ariel.

Everyone's favorite characters are included as if guests were immersed in the movie itself.

With Sebastian directing the cast of characters, the ride incorporates music from the movie to enhance the experience. 

As in the movie, the evil Ursula appears to to dampen the festive mood. But, true love conquers evil, King Triton willingly changes his beloved daughter daughter from a mermaid to a human, she marries Prince Eric and they live happily ever after.

After the wedding, complete with fireworks, guests are returned to the station, where the common refrain is "Can we do it again?"
Stay tuned for more on the New Fantasyland!