Monday, December 17, 2012

Big Thunder Hiatus at Disneyland

After January 6th, you'll have to wait a while to take a spin on the wildest ride in the wilderness at Disneyland, because Big Thunder Mountain will be receiving a full refurbishment that will last until Fall, 2013.

The park will be giving the famous coaster some serious TLC, including all new ride track, ride vehicles, and a fresh coat of paint for the mountains themselves.  Replacing the track of the ride, which first opened in 1979, will help to bring the ride up to modern standards much like the park did with Space Mountain in 2005.  It stinks to have the ride closed for almost a year, but the renovation will allow the ride to operate for decades into the future.

Disney does not regularly make announcements about ride manufacturers that are involved in projects like this, but it is said the the new coaster track will be provided by Dynamic Attractions, who built the track for Space Mountain, as well.