Monday, December 3, 2012

NPN November 2012 Poll Results

I did another throwback poll last month, and asked you guys which was your favorite new coaster of 1997, which happens to be 15 years ago.  Now it must be taken into account that I cover a lot of Dorney Park news on NPN, and I have a feeling that many of the park's fans, also readers, helped out their home park ride this month...

...because Steel Force at Dorney Park came in number 1, with 40% of the total votes.  The ride helped transform Dorney Park, gathering the property quite a bit of attention from both ride fans and the general public. 

Second place was pretty close to first for a while, and finished miles ahead of the third spot - our number two (34%) went to Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  The massive B&M inverted ride was easily the largest of its kind when it opened, taking riders through numerous inversions with plenty of old school B&M forces.

Third place, interestingly enough, went to Chang at Kentucky Kingdom.  Now known as the Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure, the ride is another B&M monster, this time of the stand-up variety.  Fourth place, only a couple votes behind third, ended up with Superman at Six Flags Magic Mountain - the 400 foot tall launched coaster/free fall beast.

Above is the complete results of the month's poll.  Outside of the top four the rest all came in pretty close with a relatively lower number of votes.  Where's everyone's love for one of the last Arrow mine trains to be made?!  I kid.

This month's poll is now live, check it out over on the left!