Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Miracle Strip Adding Classic Kiddie Ride

© Magic Strip
Miracle Strip at Pier Park is planning on bringing another ride back from the past and into its ever growing collection of amusements.  The park has acquired a classic 1949 Allen Herschell kiddie car ride, seen above, that they will recondition and open once again.

The refurbishment of the ride is the next in a line of rides that started with the original Alan Herschell carousel from Miracle Strip Amusement Park.  Since opening that ride in 2009 at Pier Park, a large shopping center, they've added a Balloon Race, Scrambler, Pirate Ship and Tilt-a-Whirl, among others.

It is refreshing to see a park seeking out classic rides to restore and reopen in a time when the big parks are quickly retiring these types of rides.  We all know that Miracle Strip at Pier Park has their eye on the Starliner wooden coaster, but making a ride of that size and cost fit at the operation is challenging to say the least.  Still, I look forward to seeing what else the park builds in the future!