Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aerial Antics: Adventureland Updates

I first featured Iowa's Adventureland on Aerial Antics over three years ago, and the park has made some significant changes since then.  I thought I'd take a look at some of those using new 45 degree images that Google Maps now offers.

The largest change that the theme park has made is the addition of a full scale water park, known as Adventure Bay. The park initially started the area will a large water play structure known as Kokomo Kove, and from there spent several years building the park out.  In the above "before" image the area next to and below the Outlaw roller coaster is just a field.  But fast forward a few years...

And there is a whole lot of water park to be found!  This past season saw the addition of a wave pool, activity area and several amenity buildings.  That expansion is still being built in this image, but above it is a large chunk of the water park that is already open.  There's plenty of new slides, a large lazy river, and the aforementioned Kokomo Kove as well.  Who knows if the park will stop at this point, as that cluster of trees on the lower right could easily be yet another massive expansion, from the looks of it.

Adventureland was also home to an unfortunate fire in 2010 that took out half of the Main Street area.  (the general entrance area of Adventureland was quite clearly modeled after Disneyland when it first opened)  In the above "before" photo, the entire building on the right side of Main Street was lost in the fire.

But thankfully, the park rebuilt the building better than ever  You can see that the rebuilt structure is generally the same shape as the old one, but with many modern improvements.  There had to be some small changes to the area to the right of the structure, but all in all things were pretty much restored to as they were before.

The new images are from Google, and here is a link to them if you like.