Friday, December 28, 2012

Knott's Busy Creating a New Boardwalk

via Knott's Network
With an entire newly re-themed Boardwalk area to be created, Knott's Berry Farm has been wasting no time in starting the heavy construction work.

The biggest part of the expansion - the extended wild mouse coaster named Coast Rider - has seen the most work done so far.  Footers for the ride are well underway, showing off how the ride will sit in its given area.  It will utilize most of the space that Perilous Plunge used for the lift, turn around, and drop - it's actually amazing how nicely the coaster will fit in that exact area.

The former water ride's large lagoon will be used for the expansion's other two new attractions, the Surfside Glider Flying Scooters and the Pacific Scrambler.  Those two rides aren't quite as far along, but with the new year around the corner I have a feeling work will pick up.

More photos of the construction of Coast Rider can be seen in this recent update from Westcoaster.