Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rye Playland: Legoland New York?

Rye Playland sits on the Long Island Sound
Here's an interesting twist in the story of the future of New York's Rye Playland:  County officials have met with the company behind the successful chain of Legoland theme parks about turning the park into one of their properties.

And the possibility comes with a huge investment figure, as much as $200 million according to this news report.  That's roughly six times as much as any other company who has expressed interest in taking over Playland has said they would pony up.  Those other developers include Central Amusements - Zamperla's park operating arm - and Standard Amusements - led by former Cedar Fair executive Jack Falfas.

While all this is going on the County Executive is still moving forward with Sustainable Playland, a non-profit that has committed to redeveloping the park.  Their plan involves the addition of sport fields and removing roughly half the amusements at the park in favor of a large open park area.

Could you imagine if Playland became a Legoland?  That's quite an idea to wrap your brain around.  I would think a lot of the character of the park would have to go, which is a shame, but at the same time the Legoland folks seem to be rather good at success.  Interesting development, even if nothing comes of it, eh?