Monday, December 10, 2012

Oklahoma's White Water Bay: New Thrills in 2013

White Water Bay, located in Oklahoma City, has announced the addition of a brand new slide tower for the park's 2013 season, featuring two twisted new water slides.

The park hasn't released the name of the attractions yet, but did reveal the layout of the slides, which allow us to see what the park is planning.

One of the slides will be a large bowl slide, where riders plummet downward and spin around the outside, eventually plunging down the middle into the runout.

The other slide is one of the hottest in the industry, and appears to be a TornadoWave from Proslide.  The first one of these in the U.S. appeared this past Summer at Aquatica in San Antonio, Texas, and they look to be sprouting up all over pretty quickly.

Rafts on the TornadoWave head down a steep drop and immediately climb up the side of a large open air half-pipe.  After sliding upward, gravity takes over and the rafts head back down and into the rest of the channel.

White Water Bay is currently operated by Premier Attractions Management, notably led by former Six Flags executives.