Sunday, December 2, 2012

Check Out Test Track 2.0

Epcot has started to preview the all new Test Track, and that means tons of videos have started to pop up online.  If you are waiting to experience the ride in person, then obviously these are not something you want to check out.

But for those of you curious about Test Track 2.0, it's quite a departure from the original attraction.  The promise of taking riders into the elaborate computer systems that are used to model new vehicles has been fulfilled - the result is as anticipated a very dark Tron-like world where all the ride sets have been replaced by graphics, video, or in some cases darkness.  I'm going to wait to form a real opinion until I can try out the new ride, as I think the black-light atmosphere of the new ride really probably only works well in real life.

Here is a link to one of the many point-of-view videos out there.  Orlando Attractions Magazine did a really fantastic side-by-side comparison of the old ride and new version that's rather telling.  Make sure to check that one out!