Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Roller Soaker No More at Hersheypark

Finally - it has been confirmed that Roller Soaker is being removed from Hersheypark before the start of the park's 2013 season.  And one better, the park has also said that the ride will be replaced with new "water attractions" for next season.

No further details at this point, but for anyone who has been at Hersheypark during the summer and seen the popularity of their water park, it is obvious that the expansion is needed.  Roller Soaker doesn't take up a ton of room, in fact part of it swings out over the wave pool, but it's still enough space for at least one slide tower, I would think.

The park's website has been changed to reflect their new count of 11 roller coasters - still quite a collection if you ask me.  There was a lot of talk earlier this year of the park selling the ride, so for anyone who missed out taking a spin on Roller Soaker, perhaps you'll still have a shot in the future!