Saturday, September 1, 2012

NPN August 2012 Poll Results

NPN's August 2012 Poll asked everyone what was the best new coaster in North America for the 2012 season.  We asked, you voted, here are the results:

Hersheypark's Skyrush came out on top, with 28% of the total votes.  I can't say that this one was too much of a surprise, though - one ride on Skyrush and many folks knew that it was something special.

The Intamin creation utilizes a new train design with winged outer seats.  While there have been a lot of valid comments on the ride's lap restraint system, the incredible speed and air-time Skyrush gives has made it our number one.

Video via ThemeParkReview

Our second place finisher, with 19%, is Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland, which opened this year as the world's tallest B&M roller coaster.  That was sure to make an impression on riders, and you can bet it did.

Third place, and only six votes behind Leviathan, is another B&M creation: X-Flight at Six Flags Great America.  The wing coaster gathered quite a few fans it seems, especially with its unique keyhole and other thematic elements.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's latest thrill machine, more specifically family thrill machine, Verbolten, landed in 4th place with 11% of the votes.  Following up in 5th place is Dollywood's winged wonder, Wild Eagle.

Here's the full results:

I haven't quite put my finger on what September's poll will be, but watch for it soon!