Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Waldameer Details 2013 Plans

Waldameer is reporting that they've had another very successful season, with 2012 possibly being the best on the books once the final numbers are in.  And that's with four less operating days than last year, which was the previous best year.

This past summer the park added a second train to both the park's railroad and Comet roller coaster, helping capacity on the two popular attractions.

A Musik Express at Morey's Piers © Morey Piers
Work has already started for the 2013 season, just days after finishing up this year.  The park will build a $1.5 million Musik Express ride, which will seat 60 passengers per cycle.  The park's Scrambler will be moved slightly to help make room for the new ride, which will be able to travel both forwards and backwards.

Waldameer will also complete a thorough renovation of their Ferris wheel, shipping it to Kansas for full inspection.  The park still plans to add a large restaurant in the future, but not for the park's 2013 season.

Love to see an independent, family park not only thriving but continuing to expand!