Sunday, September 16, 2012

From The Vault: Cedar Point 1987 Brochure

I often joke about how much I love paper... really, paper souvenirs from the different parks I visit are some of my most favorite things.  Hats, shirts, mugs - you can keep 'em - I'll take that park map and brochure to go, please!

Really though it extends beyond brochures and maps, to press kits, old photos, even advertisements from both parks and suppliers, but the Vault has an awful lot of brochures and maps.  (for those wondering, the Vault is a walk in closet that I'm constantly trying to organize, filled with amusement park stuff)

Lucky for us paper items scan well.  So on a somewhat regular basis, mostly when I have time, I'd like to scan some things and share in this new From The Vault series.  Some may be old, some not so old, but either way, enjoy!

We'll start with an item that was given to me by Sabrina, our former resident brochure scanner extraordinaire.  Cedar Point's 1987 brochure.

The cure for the summertime blues is right!  But why are there summertime blues, anyway?  That's the prime time for us park fans, with everything open and operating - quite the opposite of the blues.  Cedar Point decided to draw some attention to their brochure with a nice shot of park guests getting blasted by a waterfall on Thunder Canyon.  Works for me!

In 1987 Cedar Point only had seven roller coasters.  Can you imagine!  They're calling themselves the "ride capital," as the "coaster capital" moniker was still some years away.  Still, they were well on their way.  Park admission was $15.95, quite a steal for a full day's worth of entertainment.

The new attraction for the '87 season was Iron Dragon, the park's Arrow designed suspended roller coaster.  I've never inspected the ride's logo up close before now, and just realized that the dragon is indeed made of iron!

Iron Dragon is still thrilling guests today, now with an extremely vibrant paint scheme, and is now one of only five operating Arrow suspended coasters in the world.

Lots to look at here!  The Amazement Park had plenty to offer, from live entertainment to the Berenstain Bears for little visitors, and of course rides.  That one freefall ride seems familiar, almost like I saw it at Dorney Park yesterday!

Actually a few retired rides and attractions are featured here along with Demon Drop, including Paddlewheel Excursions, the IMAX theater, and Oceana.  Others are still kicking at the park, like Corkscrew and Gemini.  Trying to think of all the things that have been added to Cedar Point since 1987 will make your head spin a bit!

I think the most telling sign of the times is where the park suggests patron write to them - in the mail - for general information.  I kinda miss those days!