Monday, September 3, 2012

The Final Plunge at Knott's

Today was the final day for several rides around the country, including Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry Farm.

The O.C. Register ran a story about the closing, which at first seemed not to contain much juicy information, unless you read the caption under the accompanying photograph, where this gem is:

"Officials were mum on what ride will replace it but did said a bridge and water will remain."

Hmm, what?   A bridge and water.  With pretty much everyone assuming that Perilous Plunge will be replaced with a new roller coaster, has this thrown a wrench into those rumors?  Granted, a coaster could certainly still utilize both, as there's plenty of water coasters on the market today.

But if we are to take that quote to be accurate and mean the ride's exit bridge and lagoon will stay, it almost seems like another water attraction could take the Plunge's place.  It could be of the thrill ride variety, but could also be something calm like a Splash Battle, leaving the space from the "tall" part of the ride for other developments.

Either way, Knott's officials also did confirm that they would announced their plans "shortly."  Interesting developments!