Monday, September 10, 2012

The Mix: Fabrri Booster Open on Steel Pier

The 2012 Summer season was the first in a series of years that will see Atlantic City's Steel Pier be completely transformed into a modern amusement and entertainment destination.  And that means new rides!

The Mix being built.  © Steel Pier
Steel Pier opened several new rides this past spring, with the promise of one more still to come later in the year.  That ride is a Fabrri Booster, named The Mix, and the park is promoting it as the only one of its kind in the States.

The $1 million ride, just recently opened to the public, seats four riders at each end of a 140 foot tall arm.  Once situated, the arm starts to rotate, flipping the individual cars upside down at the very top.  In the case of the ride at Steel Pier, the positioning of the ride makes for an over-the-ocean experience as the arm rotates.

Fabrri Booster at another park. © Fabrri Group
The giant propeller-like arm rotates several times both forward and backwards, adding to the thrill.  The park released an on-board video of the ride before it opened, which gives an idea of the amazing view that riders get (perhaps inverted, though).  The mix is located near the back of Steel Pier, which was done on purpose to help spread out the crowds.

The addition of the Mix and other new rides is only the start of a much bigger expansion.  As detailed earlier this year, much of the pier will slowly become covered for all-season operation, and talk of a new roller coaster and 385 foot Star Flyer has already taken place.