Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scott and Carol Present Worlds of Fun's Haunt Part 2

Last Thursday our story on Worlds of Fun’s Haunt highlighted the parks newest haunt Zombie High. Part two tells the rest of the story.

While the haunts and mazes looks great, Worlds of Fun relies on Dawna to provide appropriately decorated bodies. She oversees a squad of nearly 30 artists for every night of the Haunt. Every artist has to pass both a portfolio and time test, because quality production is the name of the game. Usually 80% of the artists return each year, and some of them enjoy Haunt so much they decorate others, and then join them in entertaining the guests.

Preparing the cast is a long process, and they are going to be on their feet all night, so plenty of places to sit are provided for the early arrivals to pass the time. With nearly 400 characters to prep, an orderly flow of characters to the artist is essential.

Every member of the group is asked what they would like to be, and if it fits into the plan, their requests are honored. Once they are fitted for a costume, they are that character for the entire season. The park cleans the costume daily and reissues it to them so they don’t have to maintain it themselves.

After everybody is ready to go, the individual groups gather for a short meeting before the rally. During the rally, safety rules are reiterated, and announcements made concerning what group turned in the best performance on the night before.

Any special guests are introduced, imagine the nearly 400 screaming monsters of all types shaking their fists and weapons at you, and they form up for the Rise of the Overlord.

Back in the park, guests have been staking out their spots for the show for hours, because Worlds of Fun really pulls out the stops for the Haunt. A few scaractors ride, but most march down to the show. As the Overlord rises, the music crescendos, and the screams begin as some of the monsters work the crowd.

The atmosphere builds every night, a stark contrast to the daylight hours when not so scary activities for the little monsters guests give them something special during the day. But they need to watch out after dark, because Haunt is recommended for ages 12 and over. Nobody is passing out candy after being summoned by the Overlord. Here is a video from over a year ago.

After the shows conclude, the parade starts, with the monsters traveling en masse through the park, splitting off at their respective mazes and scream zones. They all have their pennants and marching orders, but sometimes they pause to give a guest some unwanted attention

The Overlord is the final part of the parade, to better ascertain whether his serfs are at their duly appointed tasks.

Here is a link to a past parade video.

London Terror is based on werewolves terrorizing London, with Big Ben, everybody using English accents, and some great stunts. Our favorites were the wolf eating the body and being startled by the wolf leaping out of the building at us.

Bloodshed is based on a slaughter house, and it starts off where the chickens met their end, and you need to listen to the guy who tells you to “Watch out for the pig.” It will be uncomfortably close to you.

Asylum Island features our favorite character, the needle lady.

Filled with lots of strobes and smoke, they lull you into a false sense of security while you walk a very long way, and then the scare you from all sides. They even have some real time cameras hooked to monitors to shows guests in the queue the people ahead of them being scared.

With one of the best Cornstalkers we have experienced, the narrow paths force you to constantly create your own rustling noise, and when the anticipation reaches its height, they not only scare you, then they laugh at you while the next guy scares you too. One of the creepiest decorations is the dead dog in the middle of the path. The boundaries force you to step right next to him, ugh.

Master McCarthy’s Doll Factory features lots of doll hanging from hooks through their heads, a wall of “barbies,” and a wall of “Kens.” But the best part is when you must weave through the corridor of peeing dolls.

And, here is a photo of Scott hanging around with one of the other out of towners visiting the Haunt!

Lore of The Vampire leads into Club Blood. The attacking spider and the option of buying shots of “AB” blood in the bar add a grotesque touch, along with a large pile of coffins. Our favorite prop was the sparkle ball coffin; she really partied till she died.

There is also Blood Drums, a percussion show encompassing barrels, a muffler, and even an air conditioner cover as instruments. The highlight is when there is dueling grinders.

So that is just a taste of Haunt at Worlds of Fun, it would be so much better for us if it wasn’t clear across Missouri and Illinois both. Wishing you the scariest Halloween ever, thanks for reading!