Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heavy Lifting at Fun Spot America

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot Action Park, which will be known as Fun Spot America come 2013, has started the first major work in transforming the property.  In order to better connect the old park with the new, and to updated the existing ride, the Commander go-kart track is being partially demolished.

Once a good portion of the track is removed the renovations will begin, and then new sections can be built.  Just beyond where the Commander's new track will go is where the park will build a massive expansion, including two new roller coasters, a huge Sky Coaster, and plenty of rides.

© Fun Spot America
The park has shared a photo of the banner they have up at the Commander's site, showing off the new park that will be built.  I thought it was cool to check out the train themed front place of the White Lightning wooden coaster trains.

White Lightning is probably the most anticipated new addition to the park for next season, as the ride will be a steel support/wood track hybrid provided by Great Coasters.  The medium sized ride borders one side of the park, and will be joined by a Vekoma family suspended coaster.