Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Horror Nights: Scares Heard 'Round the World

It's baaaaack!  Halloween Horror Nights, which debuted at Universal Studios Singapore last year, will return again this October to scare the pants off visitors to the new theme park.  And this year's host for the festivities is the Puppet Master, seen above in promotional art.

The even only runs for a total of seven nights, but still features five different scare zones and three indoor haunted houses.  The Puppet Master himself will have one haunted house in which visitors see just what evil plans he has for visitors, another house is called the Dungeon of Damnation, and finally there is the Insanitarium.

As popularity ramps up, I have a feeling we'll be seeing the event in Singapore continue to grow, as even this season will have one more house that last year. 

Video game fans may want to book a flight to Japan - and I mean soon.  Universal Studios Japan will for the first time offer a Halloween Horror Nights event that features haunted houses... as previous events only had walk-around character and special lighting, etc.

The reason for game fans to head to the park is because this year's event is basically a giant real-life version of Biohazard, which is Resident Evil in Japan.  The 6th game releases this October, and Universal Studios Japan is actually using part of the park to recreate Racoon City, the original setting of the game in celebration. 

No doubt that the event will be popular, where they will also transform the Terminator building into Umbrella Corporation: T-Virus Escape, another maze.

In total there will be two houses, at least I think.  Navigating websites in Japanese isn't on my resume, but things certainly look like they will be a great mix of zany Japanese fun right along side some mutant creatures and plenty of gore.  Cool!