Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kings Dominion Accounces World's Largest Planet Snoopy

Happy times are headed to Virginia's Kings Dominion theme park when it opens a massive expansion to its existing Planet Snoopy children's area next year.  The seven acre expansion will take over the Kidzville area, making the new land the world's largest Peanuts themed area.

Several new rides are being added to the area, though the park has not released a full list yet.  From the detailed drawing seen above, it looks as though we can count on an elevated monorail, tea cups, a balloon ride, rock-n-tug, and other brand new rides.

The park will retheme many existing rides as well.  The former Taxi Jam kiddie coaster will now be the Great Pumpkin Coaster, the Ghoster Coaster will be Woodstock Express, and the plane ride will now be known as Snoopy Vs. Red Baron.  The park's dark ride, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, is listed as part of Planet Snoopy, though no word yet on if it will be Peanuts themed.

The expanded Planet Snoopy - which will be almost fourteen acres in size - will also have a brand new family care center, several live shows, and a new open-air food location.

At the entrance to the area a new plaza, complete with water fountain, will greet guests, replacing the current Snoopy Splash Dance.  Construction on the Planet Snoopy expansion will start once the park's Halloween Haunt ends, and has a planned opening of Spring, 2013.


Ed South said...

That's pretty exciting news considering the current KD Planet Snoopy is very small and only has a few rethemed attractions.