Thursday, September 20, 2012

Haunting We Will Go, First Stop Worlds of Fun Part 1

So how do you start putting together one of the finest Halloween attractions in the Midwest? If you are Brent, the director of Haunt at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, you get an email from with a link to a website picturing a high school year book, populated by zombies.

Thus Zombie High School was created. He believed in the concept enough to build a new building next to Prowler, and here is what it looked like last month.

Well now that it is finished off, the outside presents a slightly different appearance, but the real change is on the inside. All of the bad things you remember from high school, minus the acne, are here!

You start your visit in the principal’s office, and we all have very few memories of that going well.

As you walk through, you need to watch out for the other students in the nurse’s office, as if she isn’t scary enough herself.

The pictures with the lights on show the attention to detail given to the decorations, because if it looks this good in the light, it will be more intense in the dark.

All the subjects are covered, in a most gruesome way and you need to be sure and look out the window in the boiler room, to find out what happens.

The gym is all dressed up for homecoming, in a footloose sort of way. Who still uses sparkle balls at high school dances anyway? 

Zombies of course, because they have been dead for years. The homecoming queen has to have been undead the longest, for she is undoubtedly the ugliest girl in school.

You exit through the locker room, with lots of high school gym reminders hanging from the ceiling. As the new maze for 2012, Zombie High graduates at the head of the class.

Stay tuned for more on Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt 2012!