Friday, September 28, 2012

Shockwave's Fresh New Look

© Baynum Painting
One of Anton Schwarzkopf's most famous roller coasters, Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas, is currently receiving a fresh new paint job - and it's looking really good already!

Baynum Painting, a company that specializes in painting thrill rides across the country, is currently on site giving Shock Wave a fresh look.  Seen above are the ride's signature double loops sporting some brilliant green paint.  The contrast to the old paint is striking, no?

After checking out Baynum's blog a little further, I noticed this video showcasing some of the rides they've painted:

Pretty cool!  Many of the most popular rides we know and love have at one time or another been painted by the company.  It looks like Six Flags uses them pretty exclusively for work. 

They are also reporting that they're moving on to Six Flags Over Texas' La Vibora next, which is a snake themed bobsled coaster.


Unknown said...

More photos of the paint job in progress were just posted on Baynum's blog -