Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Equinox Headed to Canobie Lake Park

I do not think there is enough Dramamine in the world to afford me a spin on Canobie Lake Park's new thrill ride, Equinox, which is set to debut at the park this October before it closes for the season.

The new thrill ride will take twenty four riders at a time up to 65 feet above the midway, rotating and inverting them at the same time in a truly sick combination of movements.

The ride will be a KMG Tango, being shipped to Canobie Lake all the way from England.  The park is currently securing permission to build the attraction, and once that is gained and the ride arrives the instillation should be quick.  A type of thrill ride commonly seen in European fairs, the Equinox will be unlike anything most Canobie visitors will have ever seen.

Equinox will be located on the site of what is now a hot dog stand, but was previously home to the Matterhorn flat ride, just inside the park's main gate and to the right a bit.


Anonymous said...

The first I heard about this was when I saw the blank space and the poster touting it on Sunday.

I'm not going on that thing.