Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big Changes for Darien Lake in 2013

New York state's Darken Lake theme park has spilled the beans on an exciting number of additions for 2013.  Among them, a new ride, new nighttime spectacular show, and a newly rethemed section of the park.

In total, the park will invest $5 million for next season, after spending the same amount this past year on the new Rowdy's Ridge area, along with accommodation renovations.

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One of the older sections of the theme park will be rethemed as the Waterfront Boardwalk, an area stretching along the water from the Grand Carousel and including the park's Ferris Wheel. 

A new jumping fountain will be added, along with renovated food offerings, new landscaping, and other aesthetic changes that will reinforce a 1950s lakeside resort feel.  Overall the changes will create a cohesively themed area, much like the park did with Rowdy's Ridge in 2012.

In the area will be the park's brand new ride, named Blast Off.

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The 185 foot tall tower ride will either blast riders up to the top, or push them downward, depending on the ride cycle programmed.  While not confirmed by the park, it is rumored that this is the tower from the now closed Alabama Adventures park, and is created by S&S Power.  Blast Off will be the park's second tallest ride, after the fan favorite Ride of Steel roller coaster.

Another major change for Darien's 2013 season will be Ignite The Night, a brand new reincarnated Laser Blast show.  Each evening the "show will feature a 60-foot water screen as the backdrop to an action-packed show that chronicles events from the 1950s to today, including a tribute to Canada and our country’s heroes."

Ignite the Night will utilize cutting edge water technology, pyrotechnics, lasers, and other special effects to dazzle crowds each night during the Summer.

The park will also spend even more money on renovating and expanding the park's accommodations, which have proven to be very successful.  Darien Lake is managed by Herschend Family Entertainment.


Unknown said...

Does this include finally putting new lights on the Giant Wheel which was DARK for 2012?

NewsPlusNotes said...

I hope so! It would certainly make sense.