Sunday, September 23, 2012

From The Vault: Knott's Berry Farm 1994 Brochure

Here's a Vault entry from not so long ago, but long enough that the featured park was quite a different place.  The time? 1994.  The place?  America's First Theme Park, aka, Knott's Berry Farm.

Snoopy and a Boomerang - quite the combination!  In 1994 Knott's was still family owned, and was working to stay relevant in the crowded Southern California theme park market.

The brochure makes it quite clear that the latest attraction to open at Knott's was Mystery Lodge, a special effects filled theater show settled into the Wild Water Wilderness area of the park.  Guests enter a recreation of a Native American longhouse and watch as smoke from a fire magically turns into characters that accompany the story.

Knott's has never been shy about showing off the world's most famous beagle, and here he is featured quite prominently.  The park also advertises itself as America's most beloved independent amusement park - something that's no longer true.

How about some rides!  By detailing the different themed areas of the park, they're able to show off all they have to offer.  From the wonderfully classic log flume to a trip to the jurassic era on the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, there was quite a mix of rides to check out.

Here's that beagle again.  Even if the Peanuts characters are dressed in their western finest, there's still other areas to check out.  Indian Trails, Wild Water Wilderness, and of course Camp Snoopy had a little of something for everyone.  At the time Knott's had three major coasters, and one kiddie version.  Today they offer a total of nine - a bit of a testament to how the park has progressed over the years.