Friday, August 31, 2012

Worlds of Fun Has Big Plans for 2013 Season

The 2013 season will mark the 40th anniversary of Worlds of Fun's history of providing tons of summer fun for guests - and to celebrate the park has announced some big news today.

The biggest change that guests will find in 2013 is that Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun will no longer be separately gated parks.  Instead, both properties will be combined into one 235 acre park, with one general admission ticket required.  This formula has worked for many other properties in the Cedar Fair chain, and makes the parks a great value.

"Our 40th anniversary season will be Worlds of Fun’s biggest yet," states Frank Wilburn, Vice President and General Manager at Worlds of Fun. “We look forward to expanding and improving what is already a world-class amusement park and waterpark."

In celebration of the combining of the parks into one, Oceans of Fun will see a substantial upgrade next year with almost every aspect of the water park receiving some renovations.  Seen above, a brand new entrance will be built for guests entering the property via Oceans of Fun.  Additionally, "other new additions at Oceans of Fun include renovated slide complexes and pool areas, new retail locations, and guest amenities such as new cabanas and more lounge chairs," according to the park.

In addition to the renovation of Oceans of Fun, a massive water slide tower will be built, containing six individual slides provided by WhiteWater West Industries.  Standing 65 feet tall, the tower will be near the park's wave pool and contain:

• Three "flat line" loop slides where riders plunge down into a horizontal loop using a floor-dropping launch capsule before quickly sailing through the rest of the course
• A "constrictor" style slide where double tubes head through four extremely tight 360 degree turns
• Two additional enclosed tube slides featuring large drops and tight curves

Construction on Oceans of Fun will begin shortly and continue through the winter months.  When the parks reopen next spring as one they will also have a roster of special events celebrating 40 years of fun, with details to come.