Sunday, September 9, 2012

Splash Adventure's Attendance and AquaCourse Success

© WhiteWater West
Changing from Alabama Adventure into a water park only facility, Splash Adventure, in 2012 couldn't have been easy for park operators.  It seems as though things went rather well in the end, however, as reports are in that attendance actually increased during the first season.

The private operation focused on adding new attractions to draw guests back to the water park, according to this news report.  Those attractions included a zip line, Mist-ical water maze, and the Wipeout Adventure Course.  While the dry rides are still for sale, plans call for more water attractions to be added in the future.

The real hit of the additions seems to be the Wipeout Adventure Course, the first WhiteWater West AquaCourse to open in the world.  The attraction "challenges guests to traverse through an exhilarating course of ropes, towers, bridges, zip lines, water cannons and other interactive water features."  A very hands-on approach to a water park attraction, the high level of interactivity and, well, fun, seems to hit the spot for guests.

© WhiteWater West
While on the course participants are safely harnessed in while they have 360 degree interactivity, including spray cannons, dumping buckets, pull ropes and more.  Guests are able to choose their path as they go along, allowing them to stay as active or passive as they wish.  Additional water guns located outside the ride make the attraction even more interactive.

While the capacity of the AquaCourse seems to differ greatly depending on operations, I could see these fitting into many water parks across the country.  With something new like this it usually only takes one instillation to be a success before they start popping up everywhere.