Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yay For Park Announcements!

August generally starts the ' new for 20** announcement season' - the time of year that is second only to Christmas for amusement park fans. Looking at my handy calendar it seems that we're mere days away from that exciting August 1st date.

That in mind, both Dollywood and Valleyfair can be added to the list of parks making announcements sooner rather than later.

Valleyfair will announce a "big expansion" on August 6th. Nothing specific about what is being announced has leaked, but the article makes mention that it will help get families to visit the park. Sounds like Snoopy may be involved!

Next up: Dollywood. The park actually has two individuals who post on the Thrillnetwork boards, and they've confirmed an announcement is to take place on August 2nd. A lot of fun ideas have been kicked around as to what the new attraction is, but mums the word for now.

Add those to Worlds of Fun's August 8th announcement, and you have a pretty fun week!