Thursday, July 8, 2010

Legoland Florida Preview Today

Today was Legoland Florida's community open house, at which visitors were able to get a preview of what the park will offer when it opens in Fall 2011.

There are two news reports, both with video, that give some details of what was revealed. No big beans were spilled it seems, but there were some tidbits. Perhaps more will leak out soon.

Legoland Florida will be bigger than it's counterpart in California
• It will feature the world's biggest Lego retail store
• The park will have a indoor/outdoor roller coaster
• A Lego Factory Tour will let guests see how the blocks are made
• Video shows aerial footage of the park's Vekoma junior coaster being dismantled

Since the event just ended a short time ago (as of this writing) I'm sure we'll hear more soon. Looks like they're really putting a lot of effort into debuting the park as a destination.