Monday, July 26, 2010

Aerial Antics: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

I was quite jealous of Sabrina's trip to Texas last year, in fact I still am. But green's not my color so I'll get over it. One of the parks she was able to visit was Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the focus of this Aerial Antics.

The entrance to the theme park changed dramatically in 2008 when Goliath was added. The B&M 'Batman' layout coaster was shipped from the closed Six Flags New Orleans; the ride previously was at home in Japan. It's bright colors are a welcome sign to many visitors just starting their day, I'm sure.

The year before Goliath also saw a coaster addition in the form of Tony Hawk's Big Spin. The coaster uses some of the land that the Joker's Revenge once sat on - oddly enough that ride went to Six Flags New Orleans. These parks must be good friends to share so well.

The Rattler has probably had the most severe modifications over the years of any wooden ride I can think of. If you look at the base of the first drop in this photo it isn't hard to tell it wasn't originally that way. Perhaps this needs the Texas Giant steel track trick?

Do not go into the light Carol Anne! This is Poltergeist and that joke was probably lame. Either way, the ride launches riders at 60 m.p.h. into that convoluted mess of track at the far end, where they encounter plenty of inversions, twists and turns, but probably not any demons.

If my skills are working this evening the above ride is the last mine train coaster designed by Arrow Dynamics. Road Runner Express opened in 1997 and like it's neighbor it also uses the quarry walls to its advantage. Meep meep!

Superman Krypton Coaster has always been on my list of rides I really want to experience. It's not at the top of a lot of favorite ride lists, but it just looks so dang cool! While the inversions are pretty B&M run of the mill, the first drop and use of the quarry walls is what hooks me in. Plus, the loop after the first drop is simply enormous!

While we've looked at many of the coasters that Fiesta Texas offers, it has plenty of other rides and attractions as well. For instance, it continually wins awards for its live entertainment, there's plenty of flats and water rides, and a complete water park. And the wave pool is shaped like Texas!

If you want to zoom around on your own, find Bing's aerial views here.


tlabranch said...

This is so crazy I had no idea fiesta texas got the old batman ride from six flags new orleans. I wanted to ride that coaster ever since they built it but i hated that place cause i used to work there i quit before they built the ride and regretted never riding it. I took a vacation to Fiesta texas since i live in texas now and i rode that ride along with the superman and poltergeist but I'm just now finding out that the ride i always wanted to ride was one i already rode crazy how fate works.