Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scott and Carol Present - Maurer Italian Style!

Our friends at Maurer Sohne just sent us an exciting update on the Spinning Coaster currently under construction at Rainbow Magic Land. The park is currently being developed outside of Rome, Italy, with a capital expenditure of nearly 200 million Euros.

The Spinning Coaster is scheduled to be operational soon and as a spokesperson from states, "Will then be handed over to the customer as ready for testing." The Spinning Coaster will be almost entirely enclosed, which should make for a very disorienting ride. The highlight on the 430 m long track will be the short trip, on a panorama curve that goes outside of the enclosure. No word on whether the car will be spinning on the outside curve.

There are two lifts, to add an extra kick, the first one is located soon after the car leaves the station and the second is just before returning to the station. What is in-between can best described as "typical Maurer,” An extremely narrow, twisty layout which turns the passengers in the seven cars in all directions again and again." For you techies out there the track length is 430 meters (1411 ft) The maximum height is 17meters (56 ft) and the rides overall dimensions are 60 m x 40 m (179 ft. x 131 ft.)

Set to open next spring, the 450 million dollar, 150 acre theme park, will feature the magical fantasies of fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, giants, gnomes and talking animals.

Highlights of highly themed fantasy park will be its 35 attractions, 5 restaurants, an indoor ice rink and some 4-D theaters. anyone out there ready for a road trip, I mean boat ride across the pond!