Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Rewind 7.25.10

Six Flags and the Kentucky Fair Board have reached an agreement on the future of the rides at the now closed theme park. Six Flags gets to keep Chang and the Wild Mouse coasters, but has to give up everything else - and give them 20 acres of land. Six Flags will get over $2 million as well, and all other debts will be forgiven. This clears the way for the new operator to open the park in 2011 - we hope.

Cedar Fair parks are helping Snoopy celebrate his 60th birthday on August 8th. The parks will host a bunch of special events, such as scavenger hunts and giveaways. Each park's celebration will be different, so be sure to check out your local park's website for more details.

ABC News ran a nice article featuring the still operating "Trolley Parks" that can be found in the Northeast. It's interesting to see how some of them stayed as smaller operations, while others have become major amusement parks.

Thorpe Park is planning a new water attraction for 2011, as seen in the plans above. The attraction appears to be a Spinning Rapids ride from WhiteWater West, and rumors are that it was picked up from the currently closed Cypress Gardens. You can view the planning application here.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has a plan for the massive Superman coaster - we just don't know what it is yet. The attraction is now closed until 2011 and the rumors range from a Bizarro re-theme to turning it into a massive complete circuit coaster. Personally, a retheme and mechanical tune-up sounds more reasonable to me.

No time's a wasting in getting the Scream Machine torn down! Six Flags Great Adventure has been documenting the removal progress on their Facebook page. They already have a couple large sections of track down... and the way it's being removed there's a zero chance of the ride reappearing elsewhere!

"Applicant proposes 2011 expansion to Germany to include new food buildings, walkway modifications, and major attraction" That's what Busch Gardens Williamsburg is asking for approval to build. Can't wait to find out exactly what it is and if it's themed well.

Step up and experience the Black Diamond! Well, only sorta. Knoebel's has posted some new photos of the inside of the under construction ride that lets us see the track that's been installed. Before long the theming will start to be added!