Sunday, July 4, 2010

NewsPlusNotes June 2010 Poll Results

The famous Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island has been duplicated many times over the decades since it's debut. Several of those replications can be found at Six Flags parks, so I asked you guys which of those is the best?

The overwhelming answer to my question was Viper, located at Six Flags Great America - it's scored over half of the votes for the month.

Standing 100 ft. tall at its peak, Viper opened in 1995 and was built "in house" by Six Flags. The ride is technically a mirror image to Coney's Cyclone, but rides don't usually notice that while plummeting down the 80 ft. first drop!

Six Flags Over Georgia's Cyclone came in second, and the defunct Texas Cyclone from AstroWorld was a close third. The also defunct Psyclone at Magic Mountain came in last, by considerable measure.

This month's poll is going up in a minute, be sure to vote!