Monday, July 12, 2010

Beware The Ghost Ship Of Morey's Piers

A special treat for us all - a friend of NewsPlusNotes took a spin down to Wildwood, NJ and was kind enough to report back on the all new Ghost Ship on Mariner's Landing Pier. Thanks to Tina for the report and photos!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Ghost Ship!

In 2002, Castle Dracula haunted boat ride burnt down leaving longtime Wildwood goers with a void in their hearts for a worthy haunted attraction.

This year, Morey's - the king of Jersey Shore amusements - has finally filled that void for us on Mariner's Landing.

How did that huge ship end up on the Pier, anyway?

Ghost Ship, also known as Ignis Fatuus, promises to thrill and terrify boardwalk visitors. During the ten to fifteen minute journey through the ship you will scream, your heart will race, and you will want to run for your life!

The front of the boat has a familiar, yet scary, face on it

The attraction is filled with live actors, and they are experts at the surprise scare. If you have a fear of tight spaces, you may lose your mind in the 'claustrophobia' room toward the end of the tour!

The peaceful Sky Ships pass through the evil Scary Ship - how ironic

With the use of live actors, air pressure blasts, light water spray, and great special effects the Ignis Fatuus will certainly get your adrenaline pumping!

Looking extra spooky at night

If the screams of people running both in and out of the Ghost Ship are any indication, then Morey's has a crowd-pleaser on their hands!


Josh said...

lol. Ignis Fatuus means "stupid fire" in Latin.