Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cool Down With July's Poll

Man, is it hot out there or what? Triple digits today in the Northeast... my mind quickly wanders to ways of cooling down. Which leads us to this month's NewsPlusNotes Poll.

To help you figure out which way to cool down at your local amusement is your favorite, I thought I'd provide some 'cool' visuals.

Shoot-The-Chutes - big boat goes up, big boat comes down, massive splash.

Wet/Dry Slides - no need for a bathing suit here! Ride down in your street clothes.

Water Coaster - not a traditional flume, category fits for a slew of modern rides.

River Rapids Ride - take a journey down the river and under the falls.

Pop Jet Fountain - simple but effective. Splash around in the interactive fountain.

Traditional Log Flume - your boat heads down the river and over a drop or two. Classic!

Water Playhouse Structure - The middle road between water park and dry park. Climb around and blast your friends.

Now you've seen the choices... vote on the left!