Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blackpool Announces Nickelodeon Land for 2011

England's Blackpool Pleasure Beach has announced a large new kids area, named Nickelodeon Land, as the park's new for 2011 development. The area will take over a large section of the park - 6 acres - and feature a total of 14 family rides. Nine of those rides will be brand new, while 5 of them will be existing rides that will be totally re-themed. The expansion will cost more than $15 million to complete.

One of rides being highlighted is SpongeBob's Splash Bash, which sounds like a splash battle interactive boat ride. There will be plenty of other rides, such as a log flume and a re-theme of one of the park's wooden coasters.

The new area is scheduled to open in April, 2011.