Friday, July 2, 2010

A Blast From The Past - Long Beach's Cyclone Racer

Cyclone Racer was built in 1930, the dual track, racing coaster was designed by Fred Church and built by Harry Traver. Built on pilings over the ocean at a cost of $140,000.00. Cyclone Racer opened on May 30th 1930. The tracks had identical stats, length 3750',height 85', speed 50 mph and a G-force of 3.6.

Construction of the coaster was completed in 5 months, over 1 million board feet of lumber, 50 kegs of nails and 1 million bolts were used. There were 4 trains with 5 cars per train, approx. hourly capacity was 2400 riders.

With 17 hills and 10 turns, the Cyclone Racer was the undisputed "King of wooden coasters" for over 38 years. The coaster appeared in several movies and over 30 million riders experience the Cyclone Racer before it closed on 9/15/1968. The Cyclone Racer was the only racing roller coaster Fredrick Church ever designed.