Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Adventureland 2008

It's not a mythical park of the '80s, nor is it located in Pennsylvania. This week we'll take a look at the real Adventureland. Or at least, one of them!

That adorable little creature on this brochure cover does not go by the name "Kokomo", although you might be inclined to think that Adventureland's new-for-2008 attraction was named after him judging from the way he's grinning (drooling?) from ear to ear. That's Bernie Bernard, Adventureland's official park mascot, and he'll show us more in a minute.

Before we move on, let's take a moment to appreciate some of Adventureland's other fine rides. Tornado, the park's veteran woodie, is a Bill Cobb design that joined Adventureland's line-up in 1978. It shares the brochure cover spotlight with Sidewinder, Raging River, and Space Shot.

This brochure is painfully light on copy, but its photos certainly give the impression that Adventureland has a little something for everyone in the family. The headliner in 2008 was Kokomo Kove, the first attraction to be added to the park's brand new Adventure Island area. This water play structure, a WhiteWater West creation, stands approximately 65 feet tall and features the usual array of jets, slides, bridges, and the like. The public's tremendous positive response to Kokomo Kove fueled the decision to turn Adventure Island into a full-fledged water park with the addition of Adventure Bay in 2010. In fact, the park posted its highest attendance figures to date in 2008.

Now we've already established that this park is not located in Pennsylvania, but had they included its actual location in this brochure, you might still be wondering! You see, "just east of Des Moines" translates into Altoona, Iowa. If memory servers, Altoona, PA is also a hot bed of amusement park goodness...

But I digress. Bernie Bernard likes his guests to enjoy a good night's sleep following their wet and wild escapades, and Adventureland Resort fits the bill perfectly. Comprised of the Adventureland Inn and Adventureland Campground, this park's official resort provides ample lodging options for its patrons. I'm sure both will be maxed out this summer with the debut of Adventure Bay!


Scott and Carol said...

The Tornado on the front cover let me know just which Advetureland you were hightlighting.

Great park, we need to get back out there.