Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Canobie Lake Park 2007

Canobie Lake Park didn't quite make it into Mike's action-packed New England trip itinerary, but I'm sure I could convince him to make the journey with me someday when I'm back in proper riding form! Let's take a peek at what the year 2007 held for this park.

It's colorful. It's thrilling. And apparently, it's too extreme for proper spelling. It's the Xtreme Frisbee, and it made its debut at Canobie Lake in 2007. This Huss crowd pleaser is capable of taking up to 40 passengers at a time on its swinging, spinning journey.

Being a classic park and all, it's only fitting that Canobie Lake went for the Polaroid effect in this brochure. Love it. I've used it myself on numerous occasions. Wait....Do you guys even know what Polaroids are? I know some of you do, but as for the rest, I guess I've really dated myself! Wow. Time to change the subject FAST.

So as I was saying, Canobie Lake Park has been around for a while--Since 1902, to be exact. Over the past 100+ years, they've really built up a nice collection of rides. While they don't have a water park per se, guests can certainly get their H2O fix at Castaway Island (pictured in the upper left-hand corner). This massive water play structure, billed as New England's largest, was added in 2005.

Here's an even closer look at Castaway Island, along with some of Canobie's other rides and attractions. The park's two "big boy" coasters--Canobie Corkscrew and Yankee Cannonball--are both in attendance, offering guests some classic thrills. Also pictured are the Skater, Boston Tea Party (a shoot the chutes style flume), and Antique Carousel. They aren't lying about the "antique" part, either. This carousel is only one year younger than the park, having opened in 1903.

See how easy it is to get to this park from just about anywhere in New England, Mike? I smell a follow-up trip! Just sayin'...