Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Belantis' New 'Huracan' Gerstlauer Coaster

Gerstlauer is excited to share news of the opening of their latest Euro-Fighter style coaster - Huracan (Hurricane) at Germany's Belantis.

The custom designed ride starts with a vertical lift which is followed by a beyond-vertical first drop, both elements are signature features of the Euro-Fighter style coaster. Belantis had been excited to add a new coaster, after waiting some time to be able do it.

"The ride certainly is spectacular. It stands 32 meters (105 feet) high and offers up 560 meters (1,837 feet) of track that turns guests head over heels five times. The bright red paint scheme can be seen from anywhere in Belantis and adds an exciting element to the park’s ride line-up. Their other roller coaster is also from Gerstlauer, a Bobsled coaster named Drachenritt that dates from 2003."

Another special feature of Huracan is that it is the first Euro-Fighter in the world to have Gerstlauer's 6-seater cars. "They offer stadium seating, where each row is higher, and a horizontal split, where each row is a wider than the preceding one. This offers every guest a front-seat view."

I also have to throw in that the ride really stands out in the landscape with that screamin' red track. It's a great color for it! I love the look of the new trains as well, the "v" shape is a great idea as well. Congratulations to Belantis on their new ride, it looks like a hit!