Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sally Corp. Adds Character To Universal Singapore

Editor's Note: The following is a press release form Sally Corp. regarding their work for Universal Studios Singapore's Treasure Hunters attraction. This ride has intrigued me since the park opened, so how perfect to get to take a closer look at it!

A menagerie of animatronic “wild” animals and special effects from Sally Corporation are adding elements of surprise and excitement to Treasure Hunters, the popular safari ride adventure in the Ancient Egypt zone at Universal Studios Singapore.

Aboard vehicles which replicate old-time Jeeps, visitors travel through barren desert landscapes and ancient ruins in search of world-famous archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler and his support team (who have been reported missing), braving threats by wild creatures and other dangers along the way. Designed by Mike Fish, art director, and Michael DoQui, show producer and co-art director, of Universal Creative and Resorts World Sentosa, Treasure Hunters is an adventure for all ages.

Setting out on their quest, explorers are faced with roaring, grunting hippos that rise up, ears twitching, from the bottom of a lake filled with greenish-looking water. On the left, two vultures are protecting their find of human bones: the larger vulture screeches and lunges at the passing Jeeps. Ahead, several giant cobras sway and hiss atop rocky ledges on each side of the ride path, striking at the intruders, and a magnificent cheetah snarls and growls as he prepares to leap onto a passing vehicle. Crocodiles watch greedily from below a rotting wooden bridge as Jeeps rumble overhead and barely escape as timbers crack and a section of the bridge collapses.... falling toward the waiting crocodiles.

Along the way, visitors discover ancient archaeological ruins with an ancient burial chamber and an area littered with artifacts and crates, plus a magnificent, almost eight-foot tall, sarcophagus. As the explorers approach, the Sally-built sarcophagus opens and the skeletal hand of a mummy appears just as smoke shoots from the eyes of the carved image on the sarcophagus, and a voice delivers a curse on those who are disturbing his peace. In the final scenes, skeletal remains indicate that the missing archaeologists did not escape the curse. And then, suddenly, thousands of scarabs are crawling down walls and over broken columns… toward the visitors who must escape the onslaught.

Since Treasure Hunters is an open-air attraction, the animatronic animals and props from Sally Corporation are built to withstand extreme heat, and other harsh conditions, according to Sally CEO John Wood. “We have had a considerable amount of experience building animatronics for long-term use in extremes of weather and for installation in water, so the materials and techniques we used for the Universal Studios ride at Resorts World Sentosa have been well tested,” says Wood. “It’s a terrific ride and we are really pleased to have played a part in the success of this amazing new theme park.”

The Jeep ride cars from Chance Morgan have faux canvas tops to shelter riders from the tropical sun as well as Singapore’s frequent rains... and to protect them from all those “wild” animals lying in wait for unsuspecting adventurers.