Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hershey Park 1989 Map Part 1

We're entering the slow news time of the year, which also doubles as a great time to feature some older relics I have around, like this Hershey Park souvenir map from 1989.

You can scour the map and check things out on your own, as I left it rather large if you click it. Here's some highlights though.

• Check out that Puppet Playhouse in Tudor Square before you even enter the park! I have no memory of that... though it does stir memories of Idlewild for some reason.

• The park's original Sky Ride is still leaving the station on its journey from Rhineland. It was removed from the park around 1992, but you can still see the station building when you visit.

• The Giant Wheel is also still in operation in the Carrousel Circle area, now known as Founder's Circle after Mr. Hershey himself. The Giant Wheel lasted at the park until 2004.

• The Rotor is still spinning guests round'n'round in the shadow of Comet's lift hill. The ride was eventually replaced by a Tilt-A-Whirl.

• Cyclops is still keeping it's one eye on guests at the park, which it did until 2002 when The Claw took over it's home.

• You can play a sort of "Where's Waldo" with the Hershey candy characters on this map, at a glance I see two of them in this section. There's also a fish jumping straight up out of the water midstream!

There's plenty more gems to be found in the map if you look close - I'll post the top half tomorrow!


Sabrina said...

Mike, I'm totally going to come to your house and steal this map when you're not looking. Don't say I didn't warn you!

On a more nostalgic note, I really miss the Giant Wheel. But the Rotor? Not so