Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mystery Ride Pieces In Dorney Park's Lot

What a Turkey Day treat! Seems some mysterious ride parts have been delivered to Dorney Park's parking lot, and they bear a striking resemblance in style and color to pieces of Demon Drop from Cedar Point.

Here's the first shipment that arrived unloaded in the lot. Take note of the pieces and their color and compare to these photos of Demon Drop at Cedar Point.

Here's a close view of some of the pieces, sorry it's a little blurry but I was pushing my camera's zoom capabilities to the max.

Here's a side view of the supports laying out. If you really want to compare these supports to those on Demon Drop look at this photo, and then check out the same marking on the support above where cross ties would go. Hmm...

One last zoomed photo of the big motor looking box... I can't find this in any photos of Demon Drop, but I have limited time right now (must eat turkey).

Exciting stuff, no? Is the ride going to be built here? Just stored? Recycled into soda cans? We'll follow this closely on NPN. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

No! I'm not excited! I'm tired of Dorney Park getting used rides. When will they receieve something new? Is this what they are putting in that empty lot where Lazer was? They should use the money they are going to waste on putting this thing together and the money wasted on the new theatre and build a woodie or coaster.

Unknown said...

The big box sat on the back side of the demon drop. I think it was a transformer. This is a great ride. It is the only ride that scares me. Just twist your insides like no other and you never know if it is going to stop.

Travis said...

The big box was near the fence facing the parking lot at Cedar Point. It sat next to the ride's electrical room.