Tuesday, November 3, 2009

They're Such Teases...

Summer is over. Halloween is over. 'Tis the season for boredom, my friends! (Well, from an industry standpoint, anyway.) Fortunately, there are some in our midst who are determined to keep us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we approach the long, bleak off-season. And you know I'm in need of such entertainment when I'm resorting to the use of phrases like "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed".

First, we have Beech Bend. The park's most recent newsletter promises some new family fun for 2010, as they will be adding a new "Quad Runner" ride for the kids and replacing their existing mini teacup ride with a larger, family-size version from Zamperla. But that's not what caught my interest. This is: "We are in the final stages of another major project announcement---we'll share that with you very soon. We're soooo excited! Please stay tuned for that announcement. You can also follow us on our Facebook Fan Page."

I visited this magical Facebook fan page today, and sure enough, there is yet another mention of a coming announcement, complete with smiley face! (If it comes with a smiley face, it's gotta be good.) While I have no idea what Beech Bend has in store for us, there is mention of a "2010 expansion" on the park's web site, so it sounds like it could be big. Oh, the suspense!

Next up are the gentlemen from The Gravity Group, for whom you all expressed your undying love in last month's NPN poll. Their latest blog entry focuses on a seemingly trivial thing: an advertisement they will be running in the IAAPA show issue of Amusement Today. But wait! This is no ordinary ad, at least according to them. They have posted the first half, but claim that the second half will be "something very revealing". A suggestion of something Timberliner-related seems to have been ruled out (unless they're just being tricky), so what oh what could it be?? (A little Splinter action, perhaps? Hmm...)

Now I don't mean to suggest that these two "tease campaigns" are related in any way. (Although it would be pretty sweet if they were!) I am merely appreciating the anticipation factor that Beech Bend and The Gravity Group have injected into an otherwise lackluster month of industry news. I can't wait until both mysteries are revealed!