Sunday, November 8, 2009

Celebration City - Any Hope For Reopening?

No real news has come out about the future of the closed Celebration City amusement park, located in Branson, MO, since it shut its doors after the end of the 2008 season. When it closed, Herschend Family Entertainment said it was exploring new "development concepts" for the property, including an aquarium, shopping and restaurants, and more.

It's rumored that the trains from the Great Coasters International designed Ozark Wildcat are being moved to Wild Adventures for use on Cheetah, but this has not been confirmed. To my knowledge, GCI's Millennium Flyer trains have never operated on a coaster that wasn't designed by them. Wild Adventures did say that Cheetah will receive $1 million in renovations this off season, so perhaps a full retracking is in order? Could be exciting.

It's also looking pretty sure that Wild Adventures' new coaster for 2010 will be the Jack Rabbit from Celebration City, along with two other rides from the park.

Perhaps Herschend is just waiting on the economy to pick up to make a move on the site, but as of now things are rather quiet. You guys hear anything I missed?


kjchippy said...

Great Coasters has Cheetah listed as a recent project under Renovations during the 2008 season. Maybe it can take the Millennium Flyer trains now?