Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Details on Beech Bend Expansion

In the wake of last Friday's big 2010 announcement, Beech Bend Park has issued a press release detailing all the exciting things that are in the works for next year. The biggest news is obviously the Splash Lagoon expansion, which will include the addition of a wave pool, a lazy river, and a sizable interactive water play structure.

While the concept art hinted at this, the press release confirms that the wave pool and lazy river will work in tandem to provide guests with a truly unique experience. The wave pool, which is being designed by Family Fun Corporation and CDI, will be capable of generating eight different kinds of waves that run the gamut from tame to towering. These waves, which will be generated by technology developed by Murphy's Waves Ltd., will then flow right into the lazy river, creating a rippling motion which I imagine will be similar to that provided by Schlitterbahn's Torrent River. The accompanying tropically themed water play structure, brought to us by Fun Works Design Group, will rise four stories into the sky and feature seven slides, waterfalls, and various interactive elements.

The press release also provides more details about the brand new amphitheatre the park is building. This venue is sure to bring Beech Bend's shows to a whole new level. It will boast a 60-foot wide stage, three dressing rooms, private restrooms, and seating for 400 spectators. The park will celebrate the grand opening of the amphitheatre by adding a new musical production to its existing line-up of family favorites for 2010.

These two larger projects will be accompanied by miscellaneous upgrades throughout the park as well as the addition of two new rides--a family-size teacup ride and a children's ride sporting Quad Runner vehicles. WHEW. I think it's safe to say that the folks at Beech Bend have their work cut out for them during the off-season! Perhaps you can make their lives a little easier by helping to name Splash Lagoon's three new water rides. The press release confirms that a naming contest will be held through December 31. For more details, as well as a whole slew of photos from last week's groundbreaking ceremony, visit the park's web site.