Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Poll Results

"What's the best Gravity Group wooden roller coaster?" - That's what we asked our readers in October's NewsPlusNotes poll. And you guys answered, and let's just say that you made yourself clear.

The Voyage, at Holiday World, came in a clear number 1 with a striking 63% of the votes. The 1.2 mile long ride opened at the park in 2006 and has remained one of the top voted wooden rides in the world.

Our second place finisher was the Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer park, with 23% of the vote. As you readers know, I got to experience this coaster this past summer for the first time. While I sadly have not been on the Voyage, I can only assume after riding Ravine Flyer II that it would blow my mind.

Finishing up the poll was Hades at Mt. Olympus theme park with 8%, and both the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk and the brand new Fireball at Happy Valley with 3%.

Stay tuned for November's poll!