Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kiddieland's Big Dipper Saved By Six Flags?

Today was the auction of Kiddieland amusement park, located in Melrose Park, Illinois, which closed forever this fall after 81 years of operation.

In a rather surprising move, at least to me, it seems Six Flags Great America purchased the Little Dipper wooden coaster at the auction for $33,000. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the parks plans to add the ride in its children's section, possibly as soon as next season.

The coaster is a Schmeck design that was built by PTC in 1950. The coaster is only 28 ft. high and 700 ft. long, but it's perfect for a child's first big coaster ride. Hopefully the reporting on this one is good and the ride really has been saved!


Sabrina said...

Now that's what I call a win-win situation - Six Flags gets a roller coaster on the cheap, and in the process saves a classic ride. Too bad it had to come at Kiddieland's expense, but such are the times. A tip of my hat to Six Flags on that one.