Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning Out Six Flags America's Backyard

ITAL has a new listing for a "trade in" Togo Ultra Twister coaster that's showing photos of the ride that was formerly Ultra Twister at Six Flags AstroWorld. The ride was moved to Six Flags America after that park closed, but has been sitting in weeds ever since. Looks like it's time to clean up and try to sell the ride?

I really don't understand the trade in listing, though, did Six Flags trade the ride for another one that ITAL had listed? Either way, looks like we'll never see the ride operate at a Six Flags park again.


Unknown said...

Man, I hope someone buys it. That was my favorite coaster when it was at Great Adventure. Hell, if I had a way, I'd buy it & start a park around it!!