Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Amusing Ads Archive - Premier Rides 1995

Looking around these interwebs we love so much, I often see sites that feature vintage ads from whatever industry or hobby they are into. I've also often wondered why no one was doing this for the Amusement industry. So time to step up and give our readers a look back at some ads from our favorite companies through the years.

We'll start with this beauty from Premier:

Premier Rides was founded in 1994, but had a pretty limited ride catalogue at that point. That's probably why some of the items featured in this ad are usually attributed to having been designed by other companies.

This was just the beginning though, as Premier made a big splash with the debut of their LIM launched rides a short while later, and as a major parts supplier for the industry have been sailing along ever since.

As for this specific ad, it does make mention of two "major indoor coaster projects" that were in the works at the time. I have to think those are the dark coasters for Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Over Texas, though we know the New Jersey ride eventually was done by Intamin, and the Texas ride was attributed to Premier but has a distinct similarity to the Windstorm coaster once sold by many companies. Interesting stuff, eh?


Chris said...

Don't you think the reference to the two major indoor coaster projects are referring to the two Outer Limits: Flight of Fear rides? They both opened in 1996.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Yes indeed that makes a lot of sense too!